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Geoclock is a new generation visit CLOCK and Counter

Decorate your website, blog or forum with an attractive online Geoclock!

Attractive clock, Geoclock: display the current time + geocounter integrated.
Create your geo clock and place it on your web site, forum or blog. GeoClock show the computer current time, and you show the current time of your website.
Just a simple code placed on your web-pages and immediately your geo-clock will show your on-line visitors as well as all previous visitors, classified by country.
In a few clicks you can adapt the colour, size and style of text of the geo-clock by using the configuration panel.
In order to change the design of your blog , there’s no need to adapt the access to your page.
Simply go to the configuration panel and instantly modify your geo-clock.

Geoclock flash Geoclock png
outils webmaster

Here are a few examples of geo-clock skins!

Geo-clock is an efficient statistics gauge. It counts and records all online activity. You can instantaneously visualise the evolution and audience progression of your blog or internet site.

Geoclock 150x300 a Geoclock 150x300 b Geoclock 150x300 c
geocounter geocompteur

Geoclock 150x560 a Geoclock 150x560 b Geoclock 150x560 c
geoclock geo clock geo clock

Try Geo-clock now, it’s free

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